Associação Selectiva Moda
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Knits with Outlast 100% polyester and knits with Kapok and Crabyon are the major innovations developed by the Portuguese companies to make a revolution on sport equipments in the field of sustainability, comfort and performance.

Knits with the new fibre Outlast in 100% polyester guarantee an active thermoregulation of the equipments, allowing to athletes and sports practitioners better comfort and, therefore, a better performance. The novelty is launched at Ispo 2011 by the Portuguese company A. Sampaio&Filhos, which also introduces in its new Spring/Summer 2012 collection «the combination of natural materials with high performance fibres, as well as the application of several functional finishing», as reveals João Mendes, collection’s coordinator from the company specialized in knitting.

Lurdes Sampaio, on its side, which debuts at Ispo, has developed a knit collection where other innovative fibres, such as Kapok and Crabyon, are also on the spotlight. «Kapok is the natural fibre with the most low specific weight, which allow us to obtain very light articles in comparison with the covering degree that it presents and with a sponge touch, while Crabyon is a viscose where it were incorporated chitosan particles and that gives antibacterial protection and dermatologic benefits», explains Paulo Pereira, company’s I&D manager.

Besides A.Sampaio&Filhos and Lurdes Sampaio, also participate at Ispo the Portuguese companies Groché International, whose portfolio includes thermic underwear with specific functionalities, as well as outerwear for outdoor and snow sports, and Sidónios Malhas, a specialist in knit production.

Portugal exported, in 2009, 129.8 thousand tons of technical textiles and functional apparel, worth 332.6 million Euros, which represents 9.3% of the exports of the Portuguese textile and apparel industry, with a market share of 1.8% in volume and 1.1% in value of the EU exports of this kind of product.

The participation of these six Portuguese companies at Ispo is an initiative of Associação Selectiva Moda, with the support of EU funds (Qren), inserted in the project From Portugal. Associação Selectiva Moda is an entity that promotes the internationalization of the Portuguese companies and for 2011 has a 61 international actions program in 26 different markets, directed to yarn, fabrics and accessories, fashion, home textiles and decoration and technical textiles, with an investment of 7.43 million Euros.