Associação Selectiva Moda
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In a season that demands light and fresh materials, the Portuguese companies in this edition of Première Vision Pluriel bet on collections where cotton, linen and even wool give the motto, without neglect innovation to make every fabric unique and special.

In a season that demands light and fresh materials, the Portuguese companies in this edition of Première Vision Pluriel bet on collections where cotton, linen and even wool give the motto, without neglect innovation to make every fabric unique and special.

The new qualities of materials considered, until a few years ago, little suitable to warm weather allow them now to be used in summer fashion, keeping all the comfort and lightness demanded by the season, as shown by the new proposals of wools made for Spring/Summer 2013 by A Fiandeira by Living Colours, Fitecom, Paulo de Oliveira, Penteadora and Tessimax or even the velvets of Gierlings Velpor. At Penteadora, the new collection explores the concept “natural shades for natural fibers”. «We are presenting a wide variety of qualities in wool/polyester/lycra in addition to articles for Cerimonia in rayon and polyester. Our offer is completed by blends in cotton/linen, small designs and micro structures in very light and natural colours», explains Paolo Zantonelli, company’s sales manager. Similarly, Fitecom shows at Première Vision «a collection that is transversal to all genders and ages, namely in terms of colours, in a classic style revitalized with a modern chic», reveals João Carvalho, company’s administrator.

Cotton continues, however, as an unavoidable, and unbeatable, material for the warm season, as it is well illustrated both by the beachwear proposals of Lemar as well as by the digital printings of Adalberto Estampados. But there is still room for other materials such as linen, silk, viscose or even lyocell in the new collections of fabrics “made in Portugal” from Riopele, Arco Têxteis, Somelos Tecidos, Teviz, TMG Textiles and Fábrica de Tecidos de Vilarinho.

The plurality of materials also dominates in knits, but always privileging the comfort and lightness of the knitted structures. A. Sampaio & Filhos, for instance, is launching a new generation of knits with a “second skin” DNA, where an innovative circular knit based in an extremely thin yarn of micro polyamide is in the spotlight. «We couldn’t resist the chance to bring into fashion a yarn with an assumed character of lingerie», says João Mendes, company’s administrator. The company also presents the Adaptive® concept, a functional finishing obtained by the incorporation of a polymer that confers thermoregulation through the controlled management of the evaporative cooling process. Aesthetics and technique also give the motto to the collections of Lurdes Sampaio, Sidónios Malhas and LMA, others of the Portuguese companies specialized in knits at Première Vision.

The offer of the Portuguese companies can too be observed and touched at the trend forum From Portugal (stand 5P8 5R7), characterized by a dichotomy between technology and nature, where geometric forms contrast with ample organic forms.

Portuguese colours also give new shades to Zoom by Fatex, with the offer of diverse services in manufacture, from Raith’s organic baby apparel and Custoitex’s hosiery to Squarcione’s fashion for the whole family and Orfama’s knitted apparel. Portugal is yet represented at Expofil, with Tearfil, and at ModAmont, with the specialist in apparel accessories Idepa. 

In the first 11 months of 2011, the Portuguese Textile and Apparel Industry exported 3.72 billion Euros, 9.3% more than in the same period of 2010, with textile products, where fabrics are included, representing 27% of the total, meaning a 17% grow. 

These 24 Portuguese companies participate in Première Vision Pluriel with the support of Associação Selectiva Moda, under the project From Portugal with the support of EU funds (QREN). This trade fair is one of the 68 international actions in 25 different markets that the Portuguese association will hold in 2012, in a total investment of 8.85 million Euros.