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A.Sampaio, Acatel, Albano Morgado , Anbievolution, Anjos & Lourenço, AV Knitting by Avelana-Fábrica de Malhas , Brito Knitting, Burel Factory, Calvi, Carmarfil, Casa da Malha, CFM,  Crispim e Abreu, Familitex, Fitecom, Happyprobability, Inovafil, Joaps, Lemar, Lima & Companhia, Luis Azevedo & Filhos, Lurdes Sampaio, Lunartex, Magma Têxtil, Matias & Araújo, Modelmalhas, NGS Malhas, Otojal, Positive Materials, Raith, RDD, Sidónios, Spring, Texser, TMG Textiles, TMR, Trimalhas, Troficolor, Wonder Raw are companies from the FROM PORTUGAL delegation that, together with the Portuguese companies. Adalberto, Becri, Filasa, Le Europe, LRT, Paulo de Oliveira, Penteadora, Polopique, Riopele, Somelos, Tearfil, Vilarinho and Vilartex, are going to take part in another Edition of Première Vision Paris, to be held from the 4th to the 6th July in Paris. 

Première Vision Paris is the world’s most important trade fair in the sector. It assumes itself as a 360º solution to the textile and clothing sector and a business booster. As usual, Portuguese entrepreneurs adhered greatly to another edition of the trade fair that promises to take buyers from the entire world to Paris.

All in all, and considering the fabrics area only, PV Paris will count with more than three dozen Luso exhibitors. It is Otojal’s case, which takes part in the trade fair for more than ten years and considers that the current exhibition dates, in July, “are more framed with the brands’ working timings”. This is Ricardo Carvalho’s belief, the international sales manager of the company which will present “different structures and functionalities in shirting and blousing” in Paris. 

Avelena, having taken part in the trade fair with good results over the past five editions, is equally pleased with the exhibition dates. “We keep on betting on sustainable items, namely organic and recycled ones. In this edition we will present knits with some percentage of mushrooms, orange and mint, which besides being eco-friendly also have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties”, explains Carmen Ferreira when mentioning the novelties to be presented in PV PARIS. 

Penteadora, uninterruptedly taking part in PV PARIS for more than 30 years, returns enthusiastically to the trade fair for its location, the dates and even the concrete perspective of doing business with both the company’s traditional markets and with North American and Asian buyers. “Believing in the continuity of the post-pandemic rebound and growing demand for quality suppliers who are close and trustworthy, we hope the majority of clients look for the right partners to build on and consolidate commercial relations in this trade fair”, defends Ângelo Correia.

LSMalhas is excited with the feeling that the “PV PARIS client profile has improved” after the pandemic. As novelty it will take a range of knits “made with new fibres from food production leftovers” to the trade fair, adds Alexandro Alves. With pre-scheduling taking place at a good rhythm the company has meetings with French, German, English, Canadian and North American clients as well as buyers from the Netherlands.

Interested in the same markets, Texser shows itself confident to another edition of PV where, Carla Pimenta explains, it will present “a range of flannels with different weights, poplins, fantasies and the traditional Oxford, chambray and ginghems, not leaving  organic threads behind”.

Troficolor, taking part in the renowned Parisian fair since 2012, always exits the exhibition pleased. “Fortunately, we have always had positive feedback. The clients embrace the collections (…) and we leave Paris with interesting contacts and good business”, reveals Sofia Azevedo. Regarding the collection, the export sales manager highlights the offer of “denim and fabrics with BCI cotton, GOTS /OCS certified organic cotton and GRS / RCS certified polyester”, as well as a new line of flannels, bombazine and quilt.

Sure that the participation in PV PARIS is “one of the best investments to be made at the marketing level”, Anbievolution returns for its fourth participation. “We are going to present an even bigger collection in sustainable terms. We feel that is what our clients are searching for at present”, reveals André Andrade. The company’s ambition is to increase the international sales area to countries such as the USA, Canada and South Korea.

A.Sampaio, the knitwear company, returns to Paris for considering that “our typology of clients / specific fashion markets require great trust among partners”. PV PARIS “helps to create long-lasting connections to which presential contact is essential”, explains Inês Sampaio. In what concerns the 24/25 Autumn / Winter collection Inês Sampaio reveals that the company “doesn’t renounce concepts guided by a responsible and circular consumption model with the clear aim of protecting the environment in all textile processes and in the different stages of the value chain”, she concludes.

Despite considering the current dates less positive, Lemar returns to PV PARIS for considering it “the most important fair in the sector in European grounds”. The words are from Flávio Dias, who also reveals that “in this edition, in particular, we are going to present new ranges made with BIOCARE, BY NATURE, EVO, QCYCLE and CICLO threads”.  Taking part in the trade fair for more than 20 years the company shows interest in expanding business in Scandinavia, some East European countries and Magreb.

With a handful of participations in PV PARIS Magma Têxtil is going to present “solutions with different recycled fibres to promote and sensitize the clients’ interest as these are the materials that guarantee more sustainability by not requiring the production of new raw-materials”, explains Joana Guimarães. However, the greatest novelty occurs in the sports collection with the usage of the Dri Release fibre with humidity management properties.

An absolute debut in the Parisian fair, Carmarfil reveals that “the motivation for taking part in this trade fair is related to customer acquisition and to make Carmafil known in the market. Up to now we weren’t able to welcome new clients but, at the moment, with the growth of our plant, we undoubtedly have a greater capacity, says Catarina Cardoso. With great expectations the company is going to present its range of circular knitwear aiming to reach for the USA and Canadian markets.

Wonder Raw is a one-year old start-up which decided to take a major step in internationalization. “The fair is visited by numerous designers, creative people, influencers, early stage clothes brands, etc. As this is our target public we hope to increase the degree of exposure by promoting our products and services”, explains Luís Oliveira.  

Taking part in PV PARIS since 2017 and more recently in the Smart Creation area, RDD keeps on “betting both in the development of dyeing technologies and its combination with new fibres, namely alternative to conventional/organic cotton and with a strong focus on cellulose regenerated fibres from sources alternative to wood”, reveals Ana Tavares. The company aims to strengthen its ties with regular clients and conquer new markets.

Joaps has chosen to be present in all the editions of PV PARIS since 2017 where, Carla Araúlo explains, the company “has scheduled meetings with regular clients and others that may arise, being particularly interested in the European and North American markets”. Environmental concerns are the highlight of the Joaps collection, developed with 85% sustainable materials, with special focus to natural fibres from mushroom, mint and lotus flower.  

Curiosity and expectation are the words elected by Adalberto to define another participation in PV PARIS where, Joana Girão reveals, the company will present “fibres reused from other industries, more ecological raw-material transformation processes, several techniques and trims”.

Familitex considers PV PARIS “the showroom for the new 24/25 FALL/WINTER collection”. These are Ana Araújo’s words, who also shares some news regarding the products to be presented: “a collection with distinctive features, focused on sustainability and innovation, enabling us to share new ideas and developments with the world. The greatest highlight is the presentation of our RE-USE capsule collection, a set of 100% recycled cotton knit, attentive to the production process - no water or chemicals were applied throughout the entire spinning process, resorting only to clean energies such as solar and wind power”.

Recently awarded with a Monocle Design Award in the Best in Textiles category it is with great expectation that Burel Factory returns to PV PARIS. “We keep on betting in our core product, ‘burel’, to which we keep on adding new developments at a technological and trimming level. Our range is permanently increasing to meet the market demands and worries. Besides ‘burel’ we also maintain our bet in ‘bouclé’ and other woollen items that distinguish us”, advances Inês Catana.

Positive Materials, located in the Smart Creation area, was recently presented to be market (exactly one year ago in PV PARIS) and is excited about another edition of the event. “Our collection is organized in 4 categories: + Regenerative; + Bio Engineered; + Green Chemistry; - Waste. All our ranges integrate this conceptual framework. We can reveal the launch of new partnerships with innovators that are part of our corporative context – PDS Group – as well as the focus in ranges with regenerative fibres and in capsule collections that value waste as a resource”, details Dolores Gouveia.  

In the accessorize area the debutant Lunartex hopes to “receive clients from medium to high range who present an advantage to our market, which is often of added value”, states Rui Lopes. The company is going to present sustainable products having as star “the jacquard technique used in our elastics but we don’t exclude the manufacture of string to more premium threads”, he also reveals.

In Manufacturing, Spring presents “women shirts, solutions which contemplate both design and sustainability aspects”, says Regina Martins.

The participation of the Portuguese PME’s (small and medium sized companies) in PV PARIS is an initiative from Seletiva Moda and ATP – The Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association, which aim to promote the internationalization from Portuguese companies operating in the textile area. This trade fair is included in the From Portugal project, in the scope of the application to joint internationalization projects from Portugal 2030.